[RFC - 32] DAO Organization Working Group Season 2 Proposal

  1. Summary.
    This proposal seeks to continue the work of the DAO Organization WG. By implementing this proposal, the WG will be able to continue its operations, building extensively on the work that is being done.

  2. Links to previous discussions.

  1. DAO Organization Season 1 review.

    The DAO Org Working Group’s stated objectives and the results of each are summarized below. A more detailed list of each task completed may be seen on the DAO Org Dework board.

    • S1 Objective 1: Create, source and implement DAO tools and practices in response to community and contributor needs.

      • Implemented Sobol tool to show a clear overview of how the DAO structure is mapped.

      • Implemented StickyBot which helps pin important announcements at the bottom of any channel on discord (Use case can be seen at the pinned announcement on the tech-support channel on discord).

      • Implemented Combot on Telegram to automate responses and looking into a similar discord automation.

      • vlPOP vote delegation design.

    • S1 Objective 2: Continue development of DAO Roadmap.

      • Roadmap work has been temporarily put on hold while all core team efforts are focused on the launch of VaultCraft, Sweet Vaults, and Vaults for Good.
    • S1 Objective 3: Onboard new members on the community and contributor levels into the DAO.

      • Following a set of trial phases, successfully onboarded five (5) moderators with shifts spread across 24 hours/7 days.

      • Successfully defined Onboarding tasks which now run through Crew3.

      • Established levels of DAO Contributors (L1/L2 contributors).

      • Hosted bi-weekly onboarding syncs throughout the Season. Weekly syncs were proposed but this was done bi-weekly to accommodate more numbers. Instead, we hosted two sessions bi-weekly to accommodate new joiners from various time zones.

    • S1 Objective 4: Develop and execute research projects to inform DAO strategy, management and operations.

      • DAO’s public Notion page - WIP.
    • S1 Objective 5: Continue support of all Working Groups through Season 1.

      • Supported the two WGs by hosting weekly syncs. Meeting database can be seen here.

      • Supported the execution of timely PopcornDAO contributor payment.

      • Provided summary of work done by both Working Groups each month.

    • S1 Objective 6: Community Moderation and Engagement.

      • Ensured Discord and Telegram server rules are always followed, actively moderate against spam, FUD and scam links.

      • Published guides on how to bridge POP across the four main blockchains (Ethereum <> Optimism, Arbitrum <> Ethereum & Polygon <> Optimism).

      • Developed support form to enhance handling technical-related issues

      • Relevant updates were shared and excitement was generated about new events, developments, features and products.

      • Assisted community members in resolving technical problems.

      • Launched initiative to begin Crew3 collab with other related projects.

        • Origin Protocol.

        • Margex.

      • Hosted weekly Trivia game event on discord.

      • Developed FAQ for moderators’ guide.

    • Budget Used.

      • Working Group Lead - $6,000 USD (16082.87 $POP).

      • Contributor bounties - 3108.44 $POP.

      Note that POP values are pending April budget which will be based on the 30day MA of POP on April 30th.

  2. Proposal for DAO Org Working Group S2 (MAY - JULY 2023)
    Building on what has been accomplished during Season 1, the DAO Org Working Group will take on the following objectives, with key work streams and KPIs outlined below:

  • Objective 1: Source, implement and manage tools in response to the DAO’s needs.
    Work streams and KPIs:

    • Manage all existing DAO Tools.

    • Implement new tools and platforms as needs arise.

  • Objective 2: Continue development of DAO Roadmap.
    Work streams and KPIs:

    • Gain alignment from core team on product prioritization and POP v2 tokenomics plan.

      • Plan completed by May 30.
    • Gain alignment from contributors and core team on DAO Roadmap development plan.

      • Development plan completed and approved by June 30.
    • Host workshops and facilitate asynchronous participation to complete Roadmap.

      • First workshop completed by July 15 with schedule of remaining workshops in place.
    • Scope and execute research to inform Roadmap.

      • Research scope completed with input from first workshop by July 30.
  • Objective 3: Community Onboarding.
    Work streams and KPIs:

    • Introduce programs that will drive increasing participation on Forum.

      • Using existing tools such as Zealy and Catapult, encourage participation and discussions on forum.
    • Introduce programs that will drive increasing voting activity on Snapshot.

      • Develop and structure a program to reward voters’ participation. Post as a RFC by 22nd May.

      • Manage the process of rewarding voters’ participation if the proposal passes.

  • Objective 5: Continue support of all Working Groups through Season 2.
    Work streams and KPIs:

    • Hold weekly WG leads sync to discuss work plans, progress, blockers and opportunities to collaborate.

      • Meetings are consistently hosted every week.
    • Manage and support execution of timely PopcornDAO contributor payments.

      • Payments for the prior month consistently made within the first week of the following month.
    • Facilitate the development of Season 3 WG proposals.

  • Objective 6: Community Moderation and Engagement.
    Work streams and KPIs:

    • Moderate the discord and telegram servers to ensure community guidelines/rules are followed.

      • Spark conversations, encourage discussion, and respond to questions and in a timely manner.

      • Share relevant updates and generate excitement about new events, developments, features and products at appropriate times.

      • Assist community members by directing them to appropriate channels that meet their needs.

    • Develop content to foster community engagement and clarity.

      • Continue building out the existing FAQ sheet on PopcornDAO and its products as new findings come up.

      • Respond to additional Popcorn community content needs as they arise by scoping and executing projects in collaboration with the core team.

    • Increase community engagement and awareness of PopcornDAO initiatives via community events.

      • Launch an AMA initiative with key speakers in the crypto space.

      • Create an AMA calendar and prepare for events ahead.

      • Hold at least one AMA with key crypto speakers per month.

    • Develop content to make our channels more engaging.

      • Increase visibility and awareness of our products.

      • Promote community excitement.

      *Develop frequent twitter posts/threads that will encompass all relevant updates on governance, product release and events in the DAO.

    • Continue Zealy & Trivia event initiatives.

      • Promote collaborations between PopcornDAO and other ReFi/DeFi projects.

      • Initiate at least one collaboration per month.

  1. Team.
    • Core Team Liaison: Joey N.

    • Working Group Lead: ifun.

    • Current approved contributors: Hamzat, DePaul, FrnzeX, Aguboss, Miwa.

  2. Budget.
    • Working Group Lead: $6,000 USD (paid in POP) for Season 2.

      • Approximately 80 hours per month.

      • $2,000 USD per month paid in the POP, based on the 30-day MA of POP on the last day of the month.

    • Contributor bounties: 12,000 POP for Season 2.

      • This is based on an estimate of running costs based on the workstreams outlined above.

      • Monthly reports on all work done and budget used will be posted on the Forum thread for this proposal.

      • Any unused budget will remain in the treasury.


Good Plan to execute. Cheers

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Detailed and well-thought-through proposal. Looking forward to seeing the results.

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Beautiful plan, can’t wait for the outcomes

Popcorn is investing heavily in development for vaults and VaultCraft and increasingly focused on minimizing spend elsewhere. The core team’s recommendation is to pause the Working Group program for now until we’re through this phase.

Mission-critical work of the DAO Org will continue as part of core team operations. This will include @ifun leading the moderation team, community engagement efforts and DAO tool management.