[RFC - 34] Remove RFC to expedite DAO decision making an implementation


This proposal seeks to remove the RFC from the governance process to expedite DAO decision making. PIP’s will replace the RFC process by allowing commentary for a 4 day voting period before the proposal is moved to snapshot. DAO members should used the #ideas-suggestions, #proposal-sandbox, and #mini-proposals channels on Discord to express opinions and preliminary proposals going forward.


To expedite DAO decision making and product implementations.

Action Steps

Remove the RFC process from the forum guidelines:

II. Governance Process

1. Post a Request for Comment (RFC)

Most proposal ideas arise out of community chats, so consider bouncing your idea around in Discord or in the forum before posting an RFC.

The purpose of a Request for Comment is to grow your idea via community feedback. To begin this first step, fill out the RFC template and post in the relevant forum. Give the community some time to understand your idea and be sure to respond to commenters. Be open to suggestions that could improve your idea and help it come to fruition. Proposals are a collaborative process from the start!

Try your best to address any challenges that arise while you gauge the overall community sentiment on your proposal. Once your idea has been refined through DAO member commentary, you can update and summarize it.

2. Summarize the RFC

Summarizing any updates to your proposal, as well as relevant discussions, will help DAO members understand the full scope of your idea. If appropriate, summarize the arguments you heard both for and against your proposal. Proposal changes should be noted and timestamped in a changelog at the bottom of the post.

At this stage, you can gauge whether your RFC is ready to be submitted as a Popcorn Improvement Proposal (PIP). RFC summaries can go through many iterations based on additional discussions that take place on the forum.


Makes sense. The DOA isn’t large enough yet for the current level of bureaucracy.

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